Benefits of Compost in Viticulture

Increasingly, large vineyards are yielding the benefits of giving back to the soil that provides for them by increasing organic matter through the use of products like Hort Compost. The Grape Days seminar, New Zealand Wine Growers annual technical event, held recently in Marlborough, had a focus on fighting disease, innovating and the future.    […]

Compost Mulch Treats Sodic Soils in Vineyards

Marlborough vineyards are overcoming sodic soil conditions by the application of compost as mulch.  In this article, Wholesale Landscapes looks at the problem and investigates methods of treatment.   Sodic soils are characterised by high levels of exchangeable sodium, which impedes water infiltration and water availability, adversely affecting plant growth. Sodic soils are innately unstable, exhibiting poor physical […]

Sustainable Viticulturists Making Their Marc in Marlborough

Grape marc, the by-product of pressing grapes, can be dealt with easily in small quantities. With large acreages, Marlborough wineries are increasingly finding disposal of this substance problematic. Strict Council rules about disposal and storage further complicate the issue. Utilising grape marc as a soil conditioner is an option, but without additional material this substance […]

Marlborough Vineyard Displays Benefits of Compost

Marlborough vineyards who chose to apply compost last year received amplified tangible benefits when summer drought conditions saw water restrictions hit the viticulture sector hard. In this article we discuss the positive effects on one vineyard of the application of Wholesale Landscapes’ HortGro compost.   Aerial Surveying of Weak Areas Following UAV, (drone), mapping, (which […]

5 Minute Read: Composting and Mulching in a Vineyard

Many soils have a poor natural fertility and low organic matter levels and can become easily degraded through intensive agricultural practices.   When a soil becomes degraded, fertiliser, water and amendment (e.g. lime and gypsum) inputs generally increase which is a further cost to both the grower and the environment. The surface application of mulch […]