Your guide to booking a delivery with Wholesale Landscapes

booking a delivery with wholesale landscapes

Your landscaping project is all planned out and now it’s time to take action.   You’ve picked out the best compost and soil for the job, but have you thought about the logistics of getting it delivered?   The last thing you want is to find that out truck can not access your site or […]

Application of Compost for Different Soil Types

Soil Health Consultants Explain the Importance of Organic Matter in Viticulture

Soil performs vital functions in our ecosystems. The soil stores reserves of water for plants, controls water seepage into streams and groundwater and reduces rapid runoff that could cause erosion and floods. The soil stores carbon, (storing about four times more than plants), so it helps minimise the release of carbon dioxide into the air. […]

Compost Vs Soil

Envisage a lush colorful garden complete with perfect layering and a spectrum of flower types and colorings’.   What’s the secret……..?  The answer is in the soil. You need a soil that is easy to work with, doesn’t dry out in the summer, will hold and retain moisture to feed plants and doesn’t get boggy on in the winter. […]

Marlborough Soil Health at Risk

Documenting Degrading Soil A report tabled recently at Marlborough District Council’s Environment Committee has shown that the regions soils are at risk. Required under the Resource Management Act, the soil quality monitoring report determines the “life-supporting capacity of soil” and how current farming practice might impact on “the foreseeable needs of future generations”.   Marlborough […]

What is a ‘Good’ Soil?

A good soil is one which has a high water holding capacity, but drains freely leaving air space. Water and nutrients in such a soil, will be easily available to plants.   A good soil will be slightly acid (pH 6 – 6.8) at which level the nutrients required by plants are most freely available. […]