Your guide to booking a delivery with Wholesale Landscapes

booking a delivery with wholesale landscapes

Your landscaping project is all planned out and now it’s time to take action.   You’ve picked out the best compost and soil for the job, but have you thought about the logistics of getting it delivered?   The last thing you want is to find that out truck can not access your site or […]

The Benefits of the Bounce Bark® Range

bounce bark

Bounce Bark and Bounce Bark Chip are products developed solely by Wholesale Landscapes. They are the only bark-based, safety-certified impact protection solutions used in playgrounds, childcare centres, schools, and public areas across New Zealand. Bounce Bark and Bounce Bark Chip uphold the New Zealand Certification Standard set out in NZS 5828:2015 Playground equipment and surfacing. […]

Analysis of Artificial Playground Surfacing

When choosing playground surfacing, it’s sometimes tempting to go with the apparent ‘simple solution that requires no maintenance’.  However, what if you were told that ‘solution’ potentially creates the need for increased maintenance, involves more capital outlay and can deteriorate into a safety hazard? We’ll get into the details later, but before we do let’s […]

Bounce Bark®, The Best Choice for Playground Surfacing

Birds eye view St Pauls School Playground Surface Bounce Bark

An important part of a Kiwi kid’s childhood is the time spent playing in playgrounds, whether it’s with family at the local reserve, or with friends at school or an Early Childhood Education Centre. Councils, principals, Boards of Trustees and ECE Centre managers are tasked with providing challenging, yet safe, play environments. A crucial element in […]

The 2 Minute Guide To Playground Surfacing in New Zealand

St Pauls School Bounce Bark Surface Playground

We’re making it easier for you to understand the NZS5828:2015 standard for playground surfacing. Use the guide below to understand where you need to have an NZS certified playground surface. The areas indicated below as a surface refers to at least 300mm in depth of a certified bark such as Bounce® Bark.  Unsure what is […]