Long-term benefits of compost when applied to your soils

long-term benefits of compost

We’re putting more and more synthetic fertilisers into our land and simultaneously asking more from our productivity and outputs. Something has to give and is that organic matter? The thing that is unseen and slowly going away without us even realising?   How many years will it be until SOS has another meaning of, Save […]

Repurpose your grape marc to increase soil health

repurpose your grape marc

Grape marc can be used for cattle feed, fuel, hand sanitiser, grape seed oil, or even to make grappa. But the challenges that come with these solutions are the ability to cope with a raw material that arrives all at once, the transportation requirements, and the money & time to set up a facility big […]

Applying sawdust to reduce nitrogen leaching

applying sawdust for nitrogen leaching

Although it’s important for soils to have nitrogen for plant and grass growth, once nitrogen drains past root systems, it can become a pollutant. When the ground across paddocks becomes overly wet through rainfall or irrigation, the soil will reach a point where it can’t hold water anymore. This happens because the air pockets within […]

How is soil organic matter measured?

Lawn grass sprouting.

In the laboratory, organic matter is measured as total carbon by high-temperature combustion analysers which raise the soil sample to a temperature of about 1,300°C and the total carbon is measured as carbon dioxide.   Total carbon is expressed as a percentage of the soil weight. The measurement includes both organic and inorganic (carbonates) carbon. […]

Why organic matter matters

Why organic matter matters

The biggest difference between soil and rock is the presence of organic matter and the associated biological activity that takes place in the former. Soil organic matter is at the heart of healthy and productive soils. Organic matter matters for maintaining soil health The level of organic matter is highest in topsoil and with a […]