Compost Mulch Treats Sodic Soils in Vineyards

Marlborough vineyards are overcoming sodic soil conditions by the application of compost as mulch.  In this article, Wholesale Landscapes looks at the problem and investigates methods of treatment.   Sodic soils are characterised by high levels of exchangeable sodium, which impedes water infiltration and water availability, adversely affecting plant growth. Sodic soils are innately unstable, exhibiting poor physical […]

Black Forrest® spreading throughout New Zealand

ollowing a soft launch last spring, Wholesale Landscapes has seen extreme growth in demand for a product which delivers a sophisticated visual appeal combined with all the garden-health benefits of a mulch. The ground-breaking and innovative Black Forrest® was exclusively developed by Wholesale Landscapes, the Nelson-based company which is the South Island’s largest manufacturer of landscaping products. […]

Introduction to Mulches

When the topic of mulch comes up, a lot of people think typically of a bark or compost. So we put the topic to the test.   What Is Mulch? The word mulch is a somewhat vague word most often used to describe a ground covering for a garden. It is defined, generally, as any […]

Weed Prevention Beats Costly Cure

Forest Floor Mulch Around Trees in New Zealand

A recent news story, has highlighted the plight of Councils who have rightly decided to ban the use of toxic glyphosate in their parks and reserves.   Increasing concern over the cancer dangers posed by glyphosate, (as outlined in an earlier Wholesale Landscapes’ article), has seen Christchurch Council severely restrict use of the herbicide by its grounds […]

5 Minute Read: Composting and Mulching in a Vineyard

Many soils have a poor natural fertility and low organic matter levels and can become easily degraded through intensive agricultural practices.   When a soil becomes degraded, fertiliser, water and amendment (e.g. lime and gypsum) inputs generally increase which is a further cost to both the grower and the environment. The surface application of mulch […]