Reduce risk for safe landscaping

safe landscaping

Fire resistant plants A priority for homeowners is to feel safe in their homes. They may think about fire hazards and risks inside the home but could potentially forget to think about the risk outside their home. Landscapers can reduce this risk by considering fire-resistant plants and landscaping materials when sourcing supplies, especially for properties […]

How to Sow the Best Lawn in New Zealand

Soil to lush lawn growing

We all dream of green luscious lawn during the summer.   But why do we always end up with weeds, dead spots and patches, and stagnated growth?   Below we not only explain how to sow a lawn but also some tips on lawn maintenance.    Before we jump in, we have prepared this with […]

The Home Owners Guide to Sowing a Lawn

Soil to lush lawn growing

Preparation Sowing a lawn is done perfectly in Autumn because the mornings are fresh yet we still get the long sunny days of Nelson to allow plenty of growth from seed. Before you start laying the lawn will you need to prepare the area to give the roots the best possible chance for sustained growth. […]