Reduce risk for safe landscaping

safe landscaping

Fire resistant plants A priority for homeowners is to feel safe in their homes. They may think about fire hazards and risks inside the home but could potentially forget to think about the risk outside their home. Landscapers can reduce this risk by considering fire-resistant plants and landscaping materials when sourcing supplies, especially for properties […]

The Cost of Landscaping Your Property in New Zealand

The Cost of Landscaping in NZ

We want to talk about the cost of landscaping in NZ. Functional and aesthetic outdoor areas are a staple for every kiwi home in summer. Whether it’s a bbq or reading a book, most hobbies belong in a backyard. If you’re starting from scratch you can truly create something tailored to your needs however there […]

Wholesale Landscapes Dream Landscape Makeover Completed

With the project now completed, Jamila Knopp explains what the Wholesale Landscapes Dream Landscape Makeover means to her family. See the video below for a look into the $10,000 Dream Landscape Makeover.     And lastly, we speak to James from Green Hornet Landscaping. They worked with us on the project and gave an insight on […]

Landscaping industry thriving in the Nelson-Tasman region

Gardening in Nelson

The Nelson-Tasman region is seeing a boom in residential building and with it, a collateral boom in landscaping, as home-builders enhance their outdoor spaces.   According to Statistics New Zealand, May 2018 saw the highest number of new dwellings consented nationally since June 2004. An increase of 6.5% for the year ending May 2018. At […]

Market-Leading Landscaping Supplies Company Creatively Tackles Industry Issue

Wholesale Landscapes, the market leader in the supply of landscaping products, has launched a new 40-page product specification guide.   The full-colour brochure: describes all their products in detail lists ingredients specifies recommended use storage and handling advises the most effective method of application.   The document, aimed primarily at landscape architects, landscapers, local government, […]

6 Tips For An Easy Care Landscape

1. Have a Plan Draw up your section and back yard.  Plot your intended garden spaces, lawn areas etc.  Mark in the sizes and heights of large items such as vegie gardens, pergolas, large trees or children’s play areas.  Then research garden shows and magazines – take copies of ideas you like. Having a plan […]