Inflation causes price increases, what does that mean for you?


New Zealand’s inflation New Zealand inflation has hit its highest rate in over 30 years sitting at 5.9%, and these price increases are widespread across many industries. And it doesn’t stop in New Zealand. Many countries are experiencing their highest inflation rates in decades due to recent global events. New Zealand’s inflation is higher than […]

The Fate of Glyphosate

Glyphosate Spraying in Horticulture

A US federal judge ruled hundreds of lawsuits against Monsanto Co by cancer survivors or families of those who died to hear the cases that blame the company’s glyphosate-containing weed-killer for the disease. Now, Monsanto, which makes Roundup, has been ordered by US Superior Court to pay $440 million in damages to a Californian man […]

Landscaping industry thriving in the Nelson-Tasman region

Gardening in Nelson

The Nelson-Tasman region is seeing a boom in residential building and with it, a collateral boom in landscaping, as home-builders enhance their outdoor spaces.   According to Statistics New Zealand, May 2018 saw the highest number of new dwellings consented nationally since June 2004. An increase of 6.5% for the year ending May 2018. At […]

Market-Leading Landscaping Supplies Company Creatively Tackles Industry Issue

Wholesale Landscapes, the market leader in the supply of landscaping products, has launched a new 40-page product specification guide.   The full-colour brochure: describes all their products in detail lists ingredients specifies recommended use storage and handling advises the most effective method of application.   The document, aimed primarily at landscape architects, landscapers, local government, […]

Flourishing Landscaping Industry Welcomes Product Specification Guide

Landscapers and home gardeners are set to explode into action this spring as a blooming year for landscaping continues. Wholesale Landscapes’ Product Specification Guide makes it easy for customers to select the product most suited to their needs.   New Zealand is seeing a boom in residential building and with it, a collateral boom in […]

Weather Patterns Boost Sales of Landscaping Supplies

Recent weather patterns have resulted in increased sales of landscaping supplies in the top half of the South Island.  September and October had less rainfall than normal, causing drier than normal soil conditions to evolve in the top of the South Island and Northern Canterbury.  Some very high temperatures in November exacerbated this. NIWA’s climate […]