The Best Soil PH Level For Your Plants

PH Levels In Soil

Having the right PH level will contribute to how well your plants absorb nutrients, the plants growth and preventing insufficient blooms or crops. The pH level is a measure of acidity that is represented by a value between 0 and 14. Anything below 7.0 is considered acidic and anything above is alkaline. finding the right […]

Five Common Garden Design Mistakes

Benefits of gardening

Mistake #1. Gardening for the now, not the future. Remember the saying, “if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail”? This can be seen in many overgrown gardens, which have over-matured planted areas. It is all too common to plant with the final look in mind without taking into consideration the growth […]

Gardening in Pots & Containers

Gardening in Pots & Containers A few well-placed pots can transform an area. They breathe life into bare spaces, add interest to the garden and give a welcome focal point to entrances, ends of pathways, alongside seats and soften stark walls. They are the perfect solution for today’s lifestyle gardener who may not have a […]