Benefits of Compost in Viticulture

Increasingly, large vineyards are yielding the benefits of giving back to the soil that provides for them by increasing organic matter through the use of products like Hort Compost. The Grape Days seminar, New Zealand Wine Growers annual technical event, held recently in Marlborough, had a focus on fighting disease, innovating and the future.    […]

Benefits of a Fish-based Compost

The fish based component provides the protein feedstock and the wood based component provides the carbohydrate feedstock to stimulate the culture of the microorganisms. This process is conceptually similar to the culture of cheese, yoghurt and wine, for example. All of these products require specific feedstock and ideal environmental conditions to stimulate the culture of […]

Compost Vs Soil

Envisage a lush colorful garden complete with perfect layering and a spectrum of flower types and colorings’.   What’s the secret……..?  The answer is in the soil. You need a soil that is easy to work with, doesn’t dry out in the summer, will hold and retain moisture to feed plants and doesn’t get boggy on in the winter. […]

Is The Cost Of Not Applying Compost Really $0?

The cost of not applying organic matter

When there are many ways to achieve a desired result of increasing organic matter, moisture retention and weed suppression, we often compare the costs of the ways we can obtain these results or solve the problems.   In fact the cost is often the first thought that comes into our mind.   We make decisions […]