Applying sawdust to reduce nitrogen leaching

applying sawdust for nitrogen leaching

Although it’s important for soils to have nitrogen for plant and grass growth, once nitrogen drains past root systems, it can become a pollutant. When the ground across paddocks becomes overly wet through rainfall or irrigation, the soil will reach a point where it can’t hold water anymore. This happens because the air pockets within […]

Climate Change Effects On Viticulture

Increasingly the effects of climate change are being felt by winegrowers across New Zealand, posing challenges for the industry, which boasted export earnings of$1.7 billion in 20181. This article examines likely future effects of climate change for viticulture and what mitigation strategies can be put in place.   TIMES ARE CHANGING The last four years […]

Environmental Protection and Climate Change Impacts On Horticulture

Vineyard in Drought Prone Area of Marlborough

Adapting to climate change and implementing a focus on sustainability are, together, driving a shift in the horticulture industry. Growers are seeing impacts across all aspects of business, with impending environmental protection regulation and concern for water quality requiring change in farm management practices. Consumer Awareness A growing public appetite for healthy, sustainably-produced fruit and […]