Your guide to booking a delivery with Wholesale Landscapes

booking a delivery with wholesale landscapes

Your landscaping project is all planned out and now it’s time to take action.   You’ve picked out the best compost and soil for the job, but have you thought about the logistics of getting it delivered?   The last thing you want is to find that out truck can not access your site or […]

Best calf rearing practices

Animal Bedding Wholesale Landscapes

From the moment your calves are born they become an asset to your farm. How calves are reared will set the tone for the lifetime productivity of the animal.   Whether rearing calves for heifer replacements or beef animals, goals are similar: To develop the rumen of the calf (which is immature at birth), so […]

Which animal bedding is best for you and your animals

animal bedding in hands

If, after looking through this infographic, you are still unsure which product would be best for you, feel free to give us a call to talk to one of our technical specialists. They can work with you to come up with a solution you and your animals will be happy with. 0800 421 000 | […]

Guide to warm, healthy animals

animal bedding

Being too cold can increase an animal’s nutrient needs at the same time as lowering the amount of food they’re consuming. Couple that with the increased energy needed to maintain basic body temperature, these opposing numbers can have a very negative impact on gut health and production. Shelter Protecting your animals from the elements during […]

Foresters, farmers, and cows sleep easy with animal bedding

Animal Bedding

Foresters and dairy farmers across the South Island are doubling down and using calf bedding as an opportunity to create a circular economy within their operations. Forest owners are teaming up with farmers using the compostable method of animal bedding and grabbing the opportunity ‘by the horns’. This ensures both of their operations are sustainable […]

What To Look For When Choosing Animal Bedding

When looking for a good quality animal bedding there are a few important things to consider.   The space you have available – animals confined to a stall will require more bedding in order to absorb urine and moisture. Storage of bedding is another thing to consider – if you have good access for delivery […]