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Product Specifications guide

View our extensive product information including analyses, application methods, ingredients and installation guides giving you confidence in our solutions.

Delivery information

We have the capacity and logistics in place to deliver on time in full and to specification throughout the Nelson Tasman region and Canterbury.  For most of our deliveries, we work on backloads and resourcefully fill empty trucks heading your way to keep costs down. For our technical products such as biofiltration media, impact protection, and our innovative mulch range we deliver everywhere from Invercargill to Kaitaia.

Product volume calculator

Calculate the volume of product you require so you can complete your job on time, to budget with exactly the right amount of product.

Pickup information

Many of our products are in stock at local landscape retailers. We also offer minimum 2 m³ pickup quantity and delivery service for purchases over 3 m³.

Soil health overview

Organic matter is critical for maintaining soil health. Our Soil Health overview is a guide that provides information on organic matter and an overview of understanding soil health. 

Rebuild the health of your soils with compost solutions brochure

Investing in soil health will aid in a sustainable future for your growing environment. There’s an opportunity to change our mindsets, creating healthy soils for our plants for a long-term investment rather than the need to see instant results and outcomes.

Complete spreading applications

We have strong relationships with spreading contractors in the region. We can work with your spreading schedule for a seamless application. We also have a spreader that we hire out if you would prefer an in-house application approach. Booking in advance is required.

Calf rearing

Animal bedding

Recently the wood residue market has changed across the country. We can help you with an effective solution.

Horticulture, nurseries and propagation

Wholesale Landscapes manufactures a range of custom potting mixes. Depending on your specific needs, environmental conditions, and growth stage, we can deliver a tailor-made potting mix in bulk.

Viticulture and vineyard contractors

With over 100 years of in-house composting/organic matter expertise, our technical team is ready to partner with vineyards to determine the best solution for your operation.

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