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Ocean Shell Horse Arenas

 Product in stock

Easy on the Joints

Reducing vet bills and improving your horses health.

Natural product

Easy on the enviroment and the wallet.


Which binds together and stays in place in exposed areas.

Excellent for:

Ocean Shell has been aged for 12-18 months which removes all unpleasant odours. Wholesale Landscapes allow a natural bacterial process to remove any by-product from the shell whilst it is monitored and turned. During this process, the sharpness of the mussel shell reduces significantly which provides a safe surface for your horse. Natural trace elements contained in the shell base, such as lime and calcium, will improve horse’s hoof health, making them less susceptible to injury or disease.


Our Ocean Shell is crushed to a size which will accommodate a horse’s impact over a 2-4 year span. The range of particles in the shell means that your horse gains high impact-protection whilst eliminating any artificial sponginess.

Its white colour also reduces the risk of pests through providing light reflectiveness under and around plants. All Ocean Shell products are organic-compliant and are acceptable for use in certified-organic areas.

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