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Screened Soil

 Product in stock

 Pick-up minimum: 1.0m3

Processed and screened

Through a 12mm screen for a consistent sized workable soil.

Sourced from non-contaminated sites

So you can assured it is clean and safe for your garden.

Flexible Media

Excellent for compaction on it's own or mix into compost for a large scale growing media with substance.

Excellent for:

A quality screened soil, processed to a uniformly-fine grade of under 12mm, Screened Soil is particularly easy to spread. Screened Soil is the best product to use if you are building up a new grass area or garden, as it provides fast plant germination and ensures the development of good root structure. This is the media preferred by  professional landscapers and contractors for preparing lawns, parks and general landscaping projects. Great for levelling out new sites, building up lawns or bulking up the landscape when establishing gardens. See our Lawn Soil product for establishing or renovating lawns.

Commercial Solutions

To discuss your project needs, volumes and pricing