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Flourish® Compost

 Product in stock

 Pick-up minimum: 1.0m3

Mushroom based

We've added our aged bark fine media to a mushroom base for accessible organic matter and nutrients.

Versatile use

A slightly acidic pH level means it has a huge nutrient update for most the plants Kiwis use.

consistent product

You can be assured our compost has been through the composting process for quick results.

Excellent for:

Flourish Compost – it’s all in the name. Flourish is a well-known brand, trusted by many New Zealanders when they need powerful, highly-nutritious compost. Very popular with hobby gardeners and landscapers, Flourish Compost finishes projects to the highest standard. With a mushroom-compost base and organic bark fines, this rich compost creates a perfect environment for root generation due to its inherent fungal activity. Composted over a 12-month period and free from chemical sterilisation, Flourish is an organic-based compost which has gone through a natural heating process to kill weeds.

Commercial Solutions

To discuss your project needs, volumes and pricing