Soil, Compost & Potting Mix

For nutrient-rich, fast growing gardens.


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Lawn Soil

A very fine media for top-dressing new and existing lawns.

Screened Soil

A quality screened soil, processed through a speed harp to a fine medium.

Unscreened Soil

A non-processed fill excellent for raising up land.


Flourish® Compost

A renown nutrient-rich mushroom based compost.

Fishgro Compost

A trace element rich compost made from marine byproducts.

Barnyard Compost

A general all-purpose compost which contains sheep manure.

Potting Mix

PotnGro Potting Mix

A commercial-strength all-purpose potting mix containing controlled release fertilisers.

Garden Gro

A potting mix with controlled release fertiliser used in vege gardens.

Super Soil

A 50/50 mix of Flourish Compost and Screened Soil.