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Forest Floor® Mulch

 Product in stock

 Pick-up minimum: 1.0m3

Moisture Retention

Keeping your plant healthy during drier periods.

Weed Suppression

Which means you spend less time weeding, all year round.

Binding Properties

Binds together and holds on to the steepest of slopes.

Excellent for:

The ultimate mulch when it comes to landscaping. Known all over New Zealand as the solution to suppressing weeds in the spring and retaining moisture over the summer months, Forest Floor® is an all-year-round worker for your garden. During the colder months Forest Floor® also helps moderate soil temperatures as frosts may come and go. 


Forest Floor® contains bark fines, right up to 100mm length shreds, which allows it to bind together on steep slopes and remain in place in exposed areas. As a result of the fines aging, your garden will be fed a constant supply of nutrients over a long term. Forest Floor® is simply the most cost-effective bark for coverage.

Commercial Solutions

To discuss your project needs, volumes and pricing