Bark & Mulch

Save water costs and weekends weeding.

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Premo® Chip

A medium sized bark chip sized 10-25mm.

Premo® Nuggets

A large bark nugget sized 20-50mm.

Black Forrest® Mulch

100% all natural jet-black mulch.

Deco No.1 Bark

A colourful mix of chip and curly cambium bark sized 10-25mm.

Deco No.2 Bark

A 20-50mm sized bark containing chunky nuggets and curly cambium mulch.

Forest Floor® Mulch

A very popular dark brown stringy mulch bark.

DroughtBuster Mulch

0-100mm drought-busting mulch.

Ocean Shell

An aged crushed mussel shell sized 0-70mm. 

Looking for playground bark?

View our certified options here