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Brightwater Rounds 20mm

 Product in stock

 Pick-up minimum: 1.0m3

River round

Which makes a comfortable path surface around the house.

Sized 13-20mm

Because Brightwater rounds contain no fines they are an excellent free draining surface.

Tones of blues, browns and greys

Which means its natural colour palette suits a range of garden themes.

Excellent for:

Our middle-sized rounds in the range of our Brightwater Rounds, sized 12-20mm. Brightwater Rounds 20mm are a great all-purpose round stone, suitable for paths, gardens, and driveways. Being round, they’re soft on the feet and are a popular choice for garden paths leading from the house. The 20mm variety is also used in aggregate and technical applications where a specific particulate size is required.

Commercial Solutions

To discuss your project needs, volumes and pricing