Aggregates & Stones

For a vibrant attractive landscape without the maintenance.

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Decorative Stones

Black Marble Chip 40mm 

A 20mm-40mm frosted edged black chip.

Waipara Limestone Chip 20mm

A consistently sized 20mm chalk-like chip.

Caramel Dolomite Chip 30mm

A caramel coloured medium sized chip sized 30mm.

Glacier Chip 1-18mm

A glistening 1-18mm sized white chip.

Riwaka Gold Chip 13mm

A well-known and popular golden chip sized 8-13mm

Driveway Chip 8-20mm

A blue/green coloured driveway chip sized

Round Stones

Brightwater Rounds 12mm

6-12mm small blue/grey river stone.

Brightwater Rounds 20mm

13-20mm small blue/grey river stone.

Brightwater Rounds 40mm

20-40mm medium size blue/grey river stone.

Construction Aggregates Gravels

AP20 Gravel (GAP20)

A blue/green top coarse compaction gravel. 

AP40 Gravel (GAP40)

A blue/green base coarse compaction gravel. 

Concrete Aggregate

Base ingredient sized 0-20mm for all-purpose concrete.

Concrete Sand 5mm

A 5mm concrete sand.

Washed Dune Sand

A clean washed dune sand sized 0-3mm which is free of salt and contaminants.

Pea Metal

A small stone suitable for drainage.