Landscaping Supplies.

We supply a range of bulk soft landscaping products so you can create a landscape that leaves your weekends free and your neighbours admirable.


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Used by the best in the industry

 Wholesale Landscapes has you covered with decorative mulch bark options to suit all large landscaping projects. Our range of bark and mulch will help to suppress weeds and retain moisture over those summer and autumn months. Bark and mulch also increases plant health and soil condition.

Wholesale Landscapes are the bark manufacturing professionals, we have 25 years’ professional experience in manufacturing and processing and are trusted to produce the highest quality bark and mulch across New Zealand.

One of our major areas of expertise is the manufacturing of high quality organic compost.  Variations include fish compost, mushroom compost, manure-based and vegetation-based. We also supply commercial grade potting mixes with controlled release fertilisers to home-owners also. Our extensive soil range also covers all aspects of landscaping including lawn preparation and maintenance, raised garden beds, or simply leveling out our new site. 


Black Forrest in garden with white stone

Concrete sand, AP gravel, round pebbles, and decorative chip. The range of stones and gravel we have will suit any landscaping job. We have the decorative finish of a glacier, caramel dolomite or Riwaka Gold chip to the smooth finish of a pebble round for paths.

Wholesale Landscapes provides a greenwaste drop-off facility as part of ‘being resourceful and making the most of what we’ve been given’. Through this, Wholesale Landscapes also accept a variety of other natural wastes and hardfills including non-treated wood waste and concrete waste

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Application rates, product specifications, images, delivery volumes all packaged up in a useful document.

Beautiful gardens without the maintenance

We provide the supplies and knowledge so have the resources available to create the garden you’ve dream of, no matter the size, shape or colour!