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The foundation to a healthy horse

We help New Zealand horse owners with arena surface solutions that enable a safe and healthy riding environment.

The Process

Reach Out

Make contact with us and tell us about your new or existing arena project. We'll discuss your budget, foundation/surface preparation and what end result you're after. We'll also answer any questions you have.

Proposal & Recommendations

We'll put a no-obligation proposal together along with some recommendations specific to your project such as delivery access, volumes and time frames.

Logistics and Execution

It's time for action. We work with you until you're completely happy and satisfied with the shell. From here it's all fun!​

Customer Feedback

With Us You Will Reduce

Horse injuries

Poor jumping techniques

Maintenance time

Installation costs

Our Clients Success

Marisco: 12 Months On

Shane Riddell, Vineyard Manager at Marisco tells us how Marisco’s ‘The Slopes Vineyard’ transformed from gorse and scrub to growing grapes for world-renown wine. Shane explains the challenges he has with the different soil types and details how Wholesale Landscapes’ compost has helped improved his soil and plant health.

Watch soil health video series

Your Solutions


Ocean Shell

Ocean Shell has been aged for 12-18 months which removes all unpleasant odours. During this process, the sharpness of the mussel shell reduces significantly which provides a safe surface for your horse. Natural trace elements contained in the shell base, such as lime and calcium, will improve horse’s hoof health, making them less susceptible to injury or disease. Our Ocean Shell is crushed to a size which will accommodate a horse’s impact over a 2-4 year span. The range of particles in the shell means that your horse gains high impact protection whilst eliminating any artificial sponginess.

Added Value For Your Success

National wide delivery
customer service
Customer support
Horse Arena Ocean Shell Surfacing
Resourceful organic
compliant product
Eves Valley site
Trusted for over 30 years

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