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Curamet Playground Surfacing

 Product in stock

 Pick-up minimum: 3.0m3

Certified to NZS 5828:2015 Standards

So you can be assured the children play safe.

Wind Resistant

Which stays in place in exposed or areas.

Contaminant free

For a long-lasting resourceful play solution.

Excellent for:

Curamet was developed in response to demand from our customers. We had school board members and principals comment that they prefer a wood product for surfacing but were concerned about the nails and foreign objects present when using manufactured wood products, such as wood pallets.

Curamet is produced from forest residue that would otherwise contribute to the risk of forest fires, sediment build up in rivers and be left underutilised in the forests. The only ingredient of Curamet is 100% natural virgin pine wood, sourced from sustainable sourced trees.

Each playground surfaced with Curamet is storing 500kg of carbon per m2. When Curamet breaks down over time, it can be reutilised, resourcefully, for mulching and promoting plant growth. It’s this circular economy – providing Kiwi kids with environmental awareness and sustainable safety in a


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