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Councils architecturally pleasing raingarden in Richmond subdivision

Councils architecturally pleasing raingarden in Richmond subdivision

Wholesale Landscapes worked with the council, developers & contractors to create a custom bio-retention media using locally sourced components.

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A Wholesale Landscapes customer since

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During the initial design phase, Davis Ogilvie approached Wholesale Landscapes for a custom rain garden media to work with their landscape design. They also had to be conscious of potential weather events such as high rainfall and droughts that are often seen in the Nelson Tasman area.
Bio Retain

The Richmond West Development in Tasman is a 1500+ home residential development on the outskirts of Richmond. For this project, we partnered with Davis Ogilvie Engineers, Taylors Contracting, Tasman District Council and Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research to come up with a rain garden solution for the residential streets of their new subdivision.

Nelson Tasman is susceptible to long dry summers as well as wet weather events, making it hard for plants to grow.
Our Assessment:

With rainfall data, testing results and the environmental conditions within the subdivision, Wholesale Landscapes created a bio-retention media which effectively filters stormwater and road surface runoff while allowing the plants growing within the rain gardens to thrive.
Our Solution:

Wholesale Landscapes worked through the necessary project specifications to ensure a range of recipes were suitable. From here, our technical team conducted in-house testing along with independent laboratories to analyse plant health and create a solution specific to Nelson’s long dry summers, and wet winters.

Bio Retain ingredients are project-specific. Generally, mixes contain washed sand, composts, screened soils and other additives. This specific blend was created with the issues in mind as well as the local climate.
When is a rain garden beneficial to a project?

Bio Retain prevents erosion and scouring of streams and rivers by moderating flooding, peak flows and spills. It also reduces water pollution by removing suspended solids, nutrients and dissolved metals contaminants from stormwater runoff. Bio Retain is also developed with local climate considerations so that in the drier months plants can thrive in a moist and nutrient-rich environment.

That being said Bio Retain is a great option when developing gardens and landscaping near roads, built-up areas or on urban sites and is utilised by local government, large scale contractors and land developers for stormwater management.
Rain flowing into a storm water sewer system
Before BioRetain
Tasman District Council (TDC) were pleased with how Wholesale Landscapes endeavoured to meet Council’s specifications as set out in our bio-retention Practice Note, including having the media independently tested by Landcare.

Wholesale Landscapes worked with Council and developers/contractors to develop a bioretention filter media using locally sourced components. TDC is confident that it has met the general specifications as well as site-specific requirements in Richmond.
“Wholesale Landscapes BioRetain rain garden media provided a customised solution to the specific project requirements and they handled the council approval directly which saved us time. I recommend BioRetain as a rain garden media.” – Nathan Lines Licensed, Davis Ogilvie
After BioRetain
BioRetain Close up
Bioretain Growth

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Recommended depths

Typically you need a finishing layer of screened soil of 100mm when working with an uneven surface. 100mm of soil will allow to even out any hollows and give enough depth to create a flat surface

A general rule for compost is to allow for the depth of the current root structure of your plants with an additional 30-50% to mix in with the base. If you’re planting into holes or filling up a vege garden  you will need to accommodate for this prior to filling up

We recommend 100mm (10cm) deep for new bark gardens and planting into bare areas. For existing gardens with some cover, we recommend 75mm-100mm (7.5cm-10cm)

Note: Barked areas for playground impact protection need to meet NZS5828:2015 standards and is calculated on the fall areas and the height of the playground. Please contact us to discuss your barked playground areas

For paths and driveways which are often exposed to car and foot traffic, we recommend 100mm-125mm (10cm-12.5cm) on newly prepared areas due to settling of product.

This excludes preparation, compaction or drainage gravel underneath. For existing areas 75mm thickness is recommended for areas needing a small top-up.