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The balance between filtration, storage, plant health.

We help New Zealand councils and consultants with climate and project-specific raingarden solutions for a better environment.

The Process

Reach Out

Reach out to us and start a conversation. Depending on the project and your involvement we can offer as much or as little hands on support.

Solution Development

Once we understand your key areas where we can collaborate, we give you the proven solutions you need to have a successful rain garden project. We will only offer blends that suit your project parameters with high longevity.

Logistics and Execution

It's time for action. We work with you until you're completely happy and satisfied with the media in the raingardens. From here nature and the climate takes over.​

Customer Feedback

With Us You Will Reduce

Maintenance costs

Risk of project failure

Project delays

Poor plant health

Our Clients Success

Marisco: 12 Months On

Shane Riddell, Vineyard Manager at Marisco tells us how Marisco’s ‘The Slopes Vineyard’ transformed from gorse and scrub to growing grapes for world-renown wine. Shane explains the challenges he has with the different soil types and details how Wholesale Landscapes’ compost has helped improved his soil and plant health.

Watch soil health video series

Your Solution



Custom climate and project-specific bioretention media for raingardens and tree-pits. We work on a project by project bases and meet the specification parameters while plant health isn't compromised. We also have off-the shelf options available too.

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Added Value For Your Success

media development
Specification and media development
Media analysis
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Nation-wide delivery
Design Support
Full project support
Trial recipes
Technical Expertise

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