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Are you unsure if the playground surface is up to standard?

We help New Zealand ECEs with resourceful certified playground surfaces to sustainably create fun and playful learning environments.

The Process

Understand Your ECEs Organisation

We discuss your current surface, it's condition and what your plans are for the future.

Measure Up and Test

Once we know where we're heading we find out if you need to take action with your current playground. If you do, we'll measure it up for you.

Recommendation and Funding

We will provide recommendations for your ECE. If necessary we will provide fixed-pricing to bring your ECE playground back into safe specification. We'll even provide opportunities for funding.

Logistics and Execution

It's time for action. We work with you until you're completely happy and satisfied with the surface under the playground. From here it's all fun and games.

Customer Feedback

With Us You Will Reduce


Poor performance

Uncertified surfaces

Non reusable surfaces

Our Clients Success

St Paul's Primary School: Delivery Challenges

Lester Binns, Chair of St Paul’s Primary School explains the added benefits of Bounce Bark and the key differences of Wholesale Landscapes service from planning to delivery which ended as a successful project for St Pauls School.

Your Solutions

Bounce Bark

Bounce Bark®

A clean air-washed nugget with minimal stick content. Bounce Bark® has a name within the playground surface sector as the choice when safety is first. This product meets the NZS 5828:2015 Standards and and is supplied with a certificate and documentation to confirm this. Bounce Bark is excellent for primary schools, intermediate level schools and high schools. Indicative size 25-50mm.

Bark Chip

Bounce Bark® Chip

A clean air-washed chip with minimal stick content. Bounce Bark® Chip meets the NZS 5828:2015 Standards and and is supplied with a certificate and documentation to confirm this. Bounce Bark Chip is excellent for early childhood education providers due to being softer on bare feet.



Curamet was developed in response to school board members and principals comments that they prefer a wood product for surfacing, but were concerned about the nails and foreign objects present when using manufactured wood products, such as wood pallets. We are supported by the Kiwi kids who, when playing on Curamet, can feel good that the surface beneath their feet has played a part in cleaning up New Zealand, resourcefully. When Curamet breaks down over time, it can be reutilised, resourcefully, for mulching and promoting plant growth. providing Kiwi kids with environmental awareness and sustainable safety in a playground. Curamet is Certified to NZS 5828:2015 Standards.

Added Value For Your Success

Certificates to NZS standards
Measure ups
Measure ups
Nation wide delivery
Helpful consultant
Technical Expertise
Retail yard
Special pricing for schools & ECEs

Unsure where to go from here? Talk to one of the team on