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Dependable landscape supplies for industry leading landscapers

We supply high quality and consistent landscaping supplies which create free weekends and admiring neighbours for your clients.

Used by the best in the industry

The Process

Understand Your Business & Clientele

Through an informal phone call or visit we get to understand who your target market is and what supply solutions you need to run a reputable landscaping business. We'll also send you a trade application form which will need to be completed prior to purchasing.

Quotations & Support

Once you're all set up, you're good to go. We will turn around accurate quotes in a timely manner, provide any technical product support and keep you informed of any changes to our supply such as new products and promotions.

Delivery & Service

It's time for action. We pride ourselves on service so you can deliver on your promises. We understand landscapers rely on their suppliers as a dependable and consistent provider. We will also provide marketing support ssuch as brochures, templates and white label content to help your client succeed because if your client wins, you win.

Customer Feedback

With Us You Will Reduce

Frustration of Inconsistent Supply

Project Supply Delays

Risk of Customer Complaints & Confusion

Poor Performing Products

Our Clients Success

Paddys Knob Project

Tony Nicols, professional landscaper and team leader explains how he transformed an old carpark into a usable and functioning community space. Tony describes how he delivered the project and the influence a supplier has on the project outcome.

Your Solutions

Premo Nugget in hand

 Wholesale Landscapes has you covered with decorative mulch bark options to suit all landscaping projects. We’re here to make your soft landscaping projects go to plan. We understand the importance of a consistent and dependable bark supply so your clients have a long-lasting bark that looks great.

One of our major areas of expertise is the manufacturing of high quality commercial-strength organic compost. Our extensive soil range also covers all aspects of landscaping including lawn preparation and maintenance, raised garden beds, or simply leveling out your new site. 

Stone garden low maintenance

Concrete sand, AP gravel, round pebbles, and decorative chip. The range of stones and gravel we have will suit any landscaping job. We have the decorative finish of a glacier, caramel dolomite or Riwaka Gold chip to the smooth finish of a pebble round for paths.

Wholesale Landscapes provides a greenwaste drop-off facility as part of ‘being resourceful and making the most of what we’ve been given’. Through this, Wholesale Landscapes also accept a variety of other natural wastes and hardfills including non-treated wood waste and concrete waste

Added Value For Your Success

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