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Lead your industry with sustainable & consistent landscape medias

We help reputable architects with specified solutions to enhance reputations and eliminate poor installed landscapes.

With Wholesale Landscapes supplied product: When you see the completed project you designed, it’s exactly what you expected.

The Process

Reach Out

Call us so we can find out about what projects you specialise in and where we made be able to help.

Understand Your Project Including Special Requirements

From here we discuss what you're looking to achieve and where we can provide support. We can tailor the information you need and how it is presented so you end up with a consistent project.

Follow Up Support

If our products are used in a project, we continue to offer support until it has been signed off and completed. This goes right through to offering technical information to contractors and council to ensure everything goes to the plan you envisaged.

Customer Feedback

With Us You Will Reduce

Inconsistent Project Finishing

Risk of Wrong Product

Unknown Quality

Risk of Reputation

Our Clients Success

Paddys Knob: Specified for a special finish

Tony Nicholls explains his success in the Paddy’s Knob project which was designed with Wholesale Landscapes products.

Your Solutions


Product Specification

Containing every bit of information a designer needs to consider the product including pH, AFP, slope tolerability, nutrient value, ingredients and bulk density... the list goes on.

Council presentation

Product Information: Presentations & Samples

We supply landscape architects with complimentary presentations and samples. We work in with your teams schedule to add value in the most convenient way to your company.

Design Support

End Client Support

Never worry about another inconsistent natural product again. We follow projects to ensure it goes to plan and answer any questions contractors have regarding our technical products.

Added Value For Your Success

Post design support
Product analysis
Premo Nugget Bark
Free accurate samples
BioGro Certified options
Technical expertise

Unsure where to go from here? Talk to one of the team on