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Viticulture Fines

 Product in stock

BioGro Certified

Excellent to use where only BioGro compliant or BioGro certified inputs are required.

Excellent Carbon Source

For optimum C:N ratios and balancing nitrogen levels.

Sized 0-16mm

You can be assured of quick results and return on investment within 12 months.

Excellent for:

Proven for its ability to promote soil moisture retention and weed suppression, Viticulture Fines is a perfect bark medium for mixing with additional products to spread under vines.


With its 0-16mm particle size, Viticulture Fines provides the foundation for increased microbial activity in the soil. Also adding to soil’s carbon content, Viticulture Fines is great to mix in with grape marc and other nitrate-rich inputs. Viticulture Fines is 100% organic compliant and is a cost-effective soil conditioner to apply to any crop-producing land.


Commercial Solutions

To discuss your project needs