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Break the cycle of poor inconsistent vine growth.

We help New Zealand vineyards with organic matter solutions to sustainably create world class wine.

The Process

Understand Your Vineyard

Through a consultation process and technical teams, we get to understand where your core issues are derived from and how we can enable you to operate a world-class vineyard.

Solution Development

Once we understand your key areas where we can collaborate, we give you the proven solutions you need to mitigate all your main concerns and give results within 1 season.

Logistics and Execution

It's time for action. We work with you until you're completely happy and satisfied with the compost under the vines. From here nature takes over.​

Customer Feedback

Soil Health Video Series

Specific to Marlborough Vineyards
Although the advice is applicable to a range of soil structures, the core issues and examples displayed are in Marlborough vineyards, for Marlborough viticulturists.

Independent Industry Expertise
We’ve collaborated with Geoff Warmouth who has 25 years of soil health expertise. Geoff is also a Marlborough local so understands the local industry on a micro-level.

Easy to watch, easy to reference and easy to share. 

With Us You Will Reduce

Weed Growth

Vineyard in Drought Prone Area of Marlborough

Lack of Moisture Retention

Struggling Vines

Inconsistent Growth

Our Clients Success

Marisco: 12 Months On

Shane Riddell, Vineyard Manager at Marisco tells us how Marisco’s ‘The Slopes Vineyard’ transformed from gorse and scrub to growing grapes for world-renown wine. Shane explains the challenges he has with the different soil types and details how Wholesale Landscapes’ compost has helped improved his soil and plant health.

Your Solutions

Compost under vine in Marlborough Vineyard

Compost and Organic Matter

Controlled and precise compost manufacturing has been the backbone of our operation for over 30 years. Take advantage of our capabilities and knowledge to get the results you need to ensure a more consistent vineyard and increase the performance of your vines.

Pot n Gro Potting Mix

Base Media

If you prefer to utilise marc, make your own compost or have other bi-product which add organic matter and a balanced nutritional value to your soil, we can supply the base medias for your compost including a bark fine base.

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Complete Spreading Application

We have strong relationships with spreading contractors in the region We can work in with your spreading schedule for a seamless application. We also have a spreader which we hire out if you would prefer to an inhouse application approach. Booking in advance is required.

Added Value For Your Success

Payment Plans For Large Orders
Compost Analysis
Carbon Xzorb applied to Vineyard in Marlborough
Spreader Hire
BioGro Certified
Benefits of Compost in vineyards
Technical Expertise

Unsure where to go from here? Talk to one of the team on