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Hort Compost

 Product in stock

Bark fine based

We've added our aged bark fine media to a nutrient rich base for accessible organic matter and nutrients.

Versatile use

A slightly acidic pH level means it has a huge nutrient uptake for suitable for most commercial plants

consistent product

You can be be assured our compost has been through the composting process for quick results.

Excellent for:

HortGro Compost is a free-flowing, nutritious soil conditioner produced from fine bark, mulch, freezing works’ waste bio-products and other active fertilising ingredients. It is free from residual herbicides, sprays and fungicides and has no greenwaste component. 


HortGro Compost is the most proven soil conditioner for commercial growers and farmers, having been manufactured and sold by Wholesale Landscapes for more than 10 years. HortGro Compost will give better crop quality and faster crop return by increasing organic matter, carbon contents and moisture retention in soil, leading to healthier and more productive plants. 


HortGro Compost is 100% BioGro organic certfied and is suitable for application in areas which are certified organic. Wholesale Landscapes are happy to provide documentation in support of this.

Commercial Solutions

To discuss your project needs