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FishGro Compost

 Product in stock

Biogro Certified

Fishgro Compost is BioGro Organic Certified. All inputs and processing for this compost meet the requirements for BioGro Certification which we can provide.

Versatile use

A slightly acidic pH level means it has a huge nutrient uptake for suitable for most commercial plants

Marine Bio Products

Mixed with a bark fine base which gives plant roots access to essential trace elements.

Excellent for:

Made from marine bio-products and organic bark fines, this soil conditioner is excellent for adding organic matter back into large scale horticulture blocks. Free from chemical sterilisation, FishGro Compost is an organic-based soil conditioner which has gone through a natural heating process to kill weeds. FishGro Compost helps retain soil moisture and provides a great foundation for roots to quickly access much-needed nutrients and trace elements.

Commercial Solutions

To discuss your project needs