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Bark Fines

 Product in stock

BioGro Organic Certified

Excellent addition to increasing organic matter for organic compliant horticulture blocks.

Versatile use

A slightly acidic pH level means it has a huge nutrient uptake for suitable for most commercial plants

consistent product

You can be assured our bark has been through the aging process for quick results.

Excellent for:

Bark Fines is a great-value fine bark, screened to a 0-16mm medium. Weed-suppression and moisture-retention are natural properties of fine bark products. However, this aged fines product goes one step further. With consistent sizing, this entirely organic product is quickly assimilated into the soil and will limit future compaction. Especially beneficial when added remedially to clay

or compacted soils, Bark Fines will help plants access soil nutrients. Bark Fines is 100% organic compliant and is suitable for application in areas which are certified organic.

Commercial Solutions

To discuss your project needs