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Custom Commercial Potting Mix

 Product in stock

Constant improvement for maximum growth

Our technical team is dedicated to constant improvement which means direct improvements to plant growth and adding to your bottom line.

Over 300 Recipes

We have a database of over 300 recipes. From tomatoes to natives, holding mixes and hops.

consistency is Key

consistent media, consistent roots, consistent growth, consistent plant.

Excellent for:

Utilising our purpose-built potting mix complex, which includes an onsite laboratory, Wholesale Landscapes have the expertise and capability to meet your specific potting mix needs. Starting with our own in-house neutralised, aged bark-based media, we incorporate market-leading controlled-release fertilisers, wetting agents and trace elements to provide potting mixes which will develop your plants’ root structure and produce the best possible growth patterns. You can choose from a range of peat, pumice and coir fibre to add to the base media. Our specialist technical team will consult with you to design a recipe to meet your key needs.

Commercial Solutions

To discuss your project needs