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Grow your reputation with consistent potting media.

We supply New Zealand nurseries with high performing potting media to produce consistent and fast-growing plants

The Process

Understand Your Mix Requirements

Through a consultation process and our internal and external technical teams, we get to understand where your core issues are derived from and how we can enable you to operate a reputable nursery.

Audit & Solution Development

First we'll take a look at what works well for you, what doesn't and where you'd like to see change. Once we understand your key areas where we can collaborate, we give you the proven solutions you need to build an excellent reputation on the back of quality and consistent potted plants.

Logistics and Execution

It's time for action. We work with you until you're completely happy and satisfied with the growing media. If it's significantly different form your current media, we'll offer a trial mix. From here nature takes over.​

Customer Feedback

With Us You Will Reduce

Inconsistent Growth

Poor Quality Plants

Maintenance Time

Reject Plants

Our Clients Success

Shane Riddell, Vineyard Manager at Marisco tells us how Marisco’s ‘The Slopes Vineyard’ transformed from gorse and scrub to growing grapes for world-renown wine. Shane explains the challenges he has with the different soil types and details how Wholesale Landscapes’ compost has helped improved his soil and plant health.

Your Solutions

Potting mix media

Customised Recipes For All Uses

We have a database of over 400 recipes for potting medias which has been developed by an in-house technical team that will help you find the best media for you application. We help you find your most effective controlled release fertilisers, pH, AFP, and trace elements so your plants can thrive.

We specialise in custom-made recipies such as natives, GOL, seed raising and plant-specific mixes such as blueberries, hops and citrus.

Quality Base Media

A quality mix starts with quality base medias. We have an extensive ageing process for our bark fines which then go through a neutralisation and testing process.

We operate and document this to the NIASA standards.

Potted plants in potting mix

Continuous Improvement

We have strong relationships with our suppliers and customers which helps set a standard of continuous improvement. Once you have achieved consistent plant growth we look at ways which we can help you develop your plants further.

Quicker growth cycles, higher sell prices and scalable offerings are just some aspects which our customers have achieved with a custom made mix.

Bulk, Bagged or Palletised

We can supply your media in the way that’s most convenient for you. Whether it’s bagged up in multiple 1-ton bulk bags on a pallet or on full unit loads, we have a range of delivery methods to suit. You can even pick up!

Added Value For Your Success

Made to Industry Leading Standards
Technical Support
Root mass trial
Trial and Innnovation Programs
Technical expertise with bark
Palletised, Bagged or Bulk
lab testing
Quality Assurance Measurements

Unsure where to go from here? Talk to one of the team on