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Premium GOL Hop Mix

 Product in stock

Neutralised bark fine base

pH and AFP precision.

Specific for Hops

Developed specifically for hop growers by industry trials and research.

Controlled release Fertilisers

Feeding the plants with precise nutrition for 8-9 months.

Excellent for:

Premium GOL Hop Mix is the industry performer when it comes to potting up hop plants. With the highest calibre base media combined with the complete range of high-quality controlled release fertiliser ensures a perfect environment for root development. Because of the fertiliser volume and controlled release, additional feed is often not required saving time and money.


About our mixes: We partner with growers and suppliers to ensure we provide the highest quality possible. Constant improvement through trials and product development is the foundation of our precise GOL mixes


About our processes: Wholesale Landscapes recognises the importance of consistent potting media. We guarantee our base media and thus our GOL potting media is weed-free at the time it is delivered.


Commercial Solutions

To discuss your project needs