Improve your landscape
by removing environmental challenges.

We turn forestry residues into innovative commercial bark solutions and deliver across New Zealand.

Where we provide solutions

Horticulture & Viticulture

We supply vineyards, orchards, nurseries and hop growers with growing medias which resourcefully create a more consistent soil and yield.


We engage with contractors, consultants and councils to improve the health of the air in the community through resourceful odour management.

Schools & ECE's

We supply education providers such as schools, kindergartens and play centers with resourceful and certified impact protection medias for playgrounds

Landscape Architects

We provide product information to landscape architects so they build their reputation with resourceful ideas and less risk.

Landscapers & Contractors

We partner with landscapers to provide dependable landscape supplies for industry leading landscapers.

Landscape Retailers

We build strong relationships with landscape retailers who want to improve their throughput and sales of consistent bark-based products

Residential Users

We supply loose landscaping products to residential customers who want to create free weekends and envious neighbours.

Bioretention Media

We partner with councils and storm water engineers so they have the supply for ecological and low maintenance storm water management.

Animal Bedding

We supply farmers across the South Island with a range of animal bedding solutions to provide more warmth and less stress.

Your plan to simplified solutions
1. Call Us

Call now so we can hear about your project or bark requirement.

2. Find Solution

During our discussion, together we’ll find the right solution(s) that fits your scope, need and budget. This applies to both our ‘off the shelf’ range and customised technical solutions

3. Delivery

Once you’re happy we’ll book in delivery volumes and time(s) that suits your timeline and hours. 

If it’s a project that requires multiple volumes well collaborate so your project is finished on time to specification.