5 Minute Read: Composting and Mulching in a Vineyard

Many soils have a poor natural fertility and low organic matter levels and can become easily degraded through intensive agricultural practices.   When a soil becomes degraded, fertiliser, water and amendment (e.g. lime and gypsum) inputs generally increase which is a further cost to both the grower and the environment. The surface application of mulch […]

How Organic Matter Is Critical to Increasing Your ROI

Soil Health Consultants Explain the Importance of Organic Matter in Viticulture

Organic matter has a massive effect on the profitability in a vineyard and will only continue to increase in importance as we all want to increase our fruit quality and crop yields. When a new vineyard is planted up, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to increase the volume of grapes […]

5 Minute Read: Microbe Activity in Compost

In your regular pile of compost is billions of microbes mostly bacteria who love the conditions of air, moisture and heat. They are the ones responsible for the rise and fall of temperature in your pile. Different microbes work accordingly to the temperature in the pile.   First Stage The Psychrophile microbes work best in low […]

Need to Know: Soil PH

What is Soil PH: PH is the measurement of how acidic or alkaline the soil is. It is on a scale of 1-14 with 1 being most acidic and 14 being most alkaline.   Why it Matters and What Should My Soil PH Be? PH levels matter because certain plants thrive in more acidic or more alkaline […]

Soil Health Field Day Brings Sustainable Solutions to Marlborough Viticulture Industry

Viticulture Soil Health Field Day

A Soil Health Field Day, hosted by Wholesale Landscapes, will bring members of the viticulture industry together to discuss sustainable solutions for improved vineyard management.   Wholesale Landscapes has seen demand for high-quality compost and organic matter increase greatly recently, driven by Marlborough vineyard managers seeking sustainable ways to maximise grape yield, while also maintaining […]