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Bounce Bark®

 Product in stock

 Pick-up minimum: 3.0m3

Certified to NZS 5828:2015 Standards

So you can be assured the children play safe.

Wind Resistant

Which stays in place in exposed or areas.

Clean nugget

For a long-lasting safe play solution.

Excellent for:

Known as ‘the schools choice when safety is first’, Bounce Bark is well known for its impact-protection properties. Under kids’ feet all over the South Island, Bounce Bark ensures they are playing in the safest environment possible. This not only means that parents worry less but it also reduces the risk of liability for property managers, principals and board members, as it is NZ standard-certified.

Although Bounce Bark is cleaned to eliminate transferable mud, this natural bark product will still help to promote the development of a healthy immune system through play in nature. Bounce Bark is a naturally-occurring by-product of sustainable forestation and forms part of our circular economy which eliminates landfill disposal.


Bounce Bark is the environmentally responsible choice for playground impact protection. The large nugget size of this product is proven to withstand extreme wind and rain conditions.