Wholesale Landscapes Dream Landscape Makeover Completed

With the project now completed, Jamila Knopp explains what the Wholesale Landscapes Dream Landscape Makeover means to her family. See the video below for a look into the $10,000 Dream Landscape Makeover.     And lastly, we speak to James from Green Hornet Landscaping. They worked with us on the project and gave an insight on […]

Five Common Garden Design Mistakes

Benefits of gardening

Mistake #1. Gardening for the now, not the future. Remember the saying, “if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail”? This can be seen in many overgrown gardens, which have over-matured planted areas. It is all too common to plant with the final look in mind without taking into consideration the growth […]

How to achieve an NPS of over 90%

When running a business, it can sometimes seem difficult to please all your customers, but understanding them is a step in the right direction to achieving customer satisfaction.   Using the Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) System means you can get an insight into how much your customers believe in you and your business practices, and […]

Supporting Organisations Who Support Our Community

This week, Wholesale Landscapes gifted Natureland $2,000 to help towards their day to day running of the Wildlife Trust.   While we were, the scope of social responsibility of Natureland was instantly recognised when Director Meg Rutledge mentioned “Our Kea enclosure is temporarily closed due to recently saving two Kea from a Manawatu Park that was no longer […]

The Fate of Glyphosate

Glyphosate Spraying in Horticulture

A US federal judge ruled hundreds of lawsuits against Monsanto Co by cancer survivors or families of those who died to hear the cases that blame the company’s glyphosate-containing weed-killer for the disease. Now, Monsanto, which makes Roundup, has been ordered by US Superior Court to pay $440 million in damages to a Californian man […]