Inflation causes price increases, what does that mean for you?


New Zealand’s inflation New Zealand inflation has hit its highest rate in over 30 years sitting at 6.9%, and these price increases are widespread across many industries. And it doesn’t stop in New Zealand. Many countries are experiencing their highest inflation rates in decades due to recent global events. New Zealand’s inflation is higher than […]

The real cost of not applying animal bedding

Wholesale Landscapes Animal Bedding

Animal bedding provides a comfortable clean area for animals to escape the harsh winter weather and without that, you may have saved some money in the short term but the repercussions may end up costing much more.   Animal bedding benefits include: ✓ Used as a flooring material ✓ Comfort to animal ✓ Encourages resting […]

Long-term benefits of compost when applied to your soils

long-term benefits of compost

We’re putting more and more synthetic fertilisers into our land and simultaneously asking more from our productivity and outputs. Something has to give and is that organic matter? The thing that is unseen and slowly going away without us even realising?   How many years will it be until SOS has another meaning of, Save […]

How do you make compost in bulk?

make compost in bulk

Ever wonder what process our compost products go through before it reaches you?   It’s a common misconception that compost is just soil with additives to help build organic matter. But the truth is, there is a science behind the process of making quality compost in bulk.   At home, your compost is likely made […]