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About Us

We help improve your landscape by removing environmental challenges.

About Wholesale Landscapes Supplies

Wholesale Landscapes supplies New Zealand with bulk bark-based medias. Delivering from Auckland to Dunedin, we specialise in technical applications in the main areas below:


Animal comfort media

We manufacturer and supply animal bedding for a range of farmers across New Zealand. We work with a range of farmers to ensure they have less stress during peak season, their animals sleep easy and vet bills are reduced. 


For our horse-owners Wholesale Landscapes offer a popular processed crushed shell for equestrian use in arenas.

Growing media

We partner with nurseries across the South Island who are looking for a high-quality consistent potting mix. Wholesale Landscapes also supply a range of sectors within the horticulture industry including vineyards and orchards with organic matter and compost solutions.


Wholesale Landscapes is a card partner with Farmlands Cooperative.

Impact protection media

Playing on the playground is part of the Kiwi childhood culture. We believe every child should have the ability to play safely. We help schools, ECEs and parks & reserves contractors achieve this by supplying playground woodchip and bark nuggets which are certified to NZS5828:2015 standards.

Biofiltration and retention media

Biofiltration and Bioretention are paramount to ensure wastewater and stormwater are managed sustainably. Wholesale Landscapes provide a range of specialised and project-specific bark medias to councils and private entities such as rendering plants and food processing. Biofiltration significantly improves odour control and management within wastewater treatment plant and pump stations.


For bioretention and ecological stormwater management, we provide specified raingarden media and tree pit mixes to contractors, councils and consultants across New Zealand.

Landscaping supply media

Landscapes is our name and where we service smaller scale B2B clients such as landscapers, contractors and retailers. Although we only deal in bulk volumes, you can guarantee your product turns up in full on time and to specification. We supply through out New Zealand including Dunedin, Christchurch, Nelson, Marlborough, Wellington, and Auckland.


Wholesale Landscapes is part of Azwood Group and a sister company of Azwood Energy