Your Complete Guide To Mulch

What is mulch? Mulch is a protective barrier. Anything that covers the soil and protects it could be determined as mulch.   Different types: There is a few variants of mulches and are often grouped into the following   Organic Material: Grass clippings Wood chips Sawdust Straw Shredded Bark Compost Shell   Non-bio-degradable materials: Plastic/fabric weed […]

How To: Building Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Bed

Getting Started Decide how big your raised bed is going to be When planning your raised beds it’s important to remember you’ll need to be able to access and work on it without having to stand on the bed, as this will flatten the soil. You’ll also need to make a path around the bed so […]

Is Companion Planting The Next Big Trend

Companion planting

In life everything has an effect on the next thing.  We rely on one another and what we do has an effect on the next person.  The plant kingdom works in the same way and we call that Companion Planting.Companion planting has been used for thousands of years.  Evidence of companion gardening can be seen in […]

How Organic Matter Is Critical to Increasing Your ROI

Soil Health Consultants Explain the Importance of Organic Matter in Viticulture

Organic matter has a massive effect on the profitability in a vineyard and will only continue to increase in importance as we all want to increase our fruit quality and crop yields. When a new vineyard is planted up, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to increase the volume of grapes […]

How to Sow a Lawn

Soil to lush lawn growing

Spray off any existing greenery on lawn area, allow to die.  If possible repeat when vegetation starts to come away again. (don’t use a residual weed spray.)   Lightly work up top layer of lawn area (approx 50mm depth) and rake off dead turf.   Level lawn area using quality Screened soil to no more than a […]