Garden Pests & Diseases

In recent years home gardening has changed:  Gardens are smaller.  Gardening is a major hobby for less people.  Gardeners in general are less knowledgeable.  There are less specialist garden centres and more mass merchandisers selling plants. There is a greater fragmentation of suppliers and brands of plants and products. Quality garden information is hard to […]

What is a ‘Good’ Soil?

A good soil is one which has a high water holding capacity, but drains freely leaving air space. Water and nutrients in such a soil, will be easily available to plants.   A good soil will be slightly acid (pH 6 – 6.8) at which level the nutrients required by plants are most freely available. […]

Gardening in Nelson – Top Tips for Success

Gardening in Nelson

Nelson is one of the better regions in the world for gardening because of the great climate. We have a temperate climate which provides enough hours of chilling in winter to ensure good fruit set on deciduous fruit and berries, and is mild enough to grow sub-tropical plants like citrus reasonably well.   Add to this […]

Organic Gardening

Recently the boundaries between ‘conventional’ and ‘organic’ gardening have become blurred as ‘conventional’ gardening adopts more of the sustainable principles of the organic way and ‘organic’ gardeners recognize that some of their practices are not convenient and carry more risk to health and the environment – eg. some organic pesticides, and fertilizer concoctions.   Hence […]